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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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sloviansk i insulter the historical hotels have been capturing the city. cool small . mid day as they get up until the stroke or missed a trick on the photo. live from moscow this r.t.s. midnight's thirty here these are all top stories the greek prime minister survives a confidence vote in parliament of the week in athens that show the e.u. would send baskets to the p.m.'s now holding talks to form a temporary governing coalition but the opposition to the b.d.s. elections in the country. us police weighed in with handcuffs back using tear gas to put down the. movement but activists say to stand their ground against the odds . on political ads holdings are appearing all across russia as the campaign takes
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off to win seats in the country's lower house of parliament seven major parties will be competing in the december fourth election. also the reputation of being out of the pocket when it comes to hotels but there are now increasingly affordable options as discovered go out next. great. you need. to. go.
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hello and welcome to the must go out show now in the past we've discussed a rising world hostiles two five star hotels here in the russian capital what about the middle market today no a star lodgings look soviet or lack western standards so join me lots of news as we explore two or three star lodgings here in moscow starting off a big threads that out of town officers station is situated at the former red october chocolate factory
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a cultural melting pot the island located near the kremlin is packed full of nightclub swanky restaurants and trendy arts galleries although central to narrow streets are often called to traffic late at night it can be noisy and the closest approach is a fair walk away take note that says as one of the main new areas of contemporary culture in the capital if you want to be where the action is a thirst is the perfect place. with it stylish design is the new lodgings popular with travelers of all ages i'm nationalities this hotel is pretty popular not just because of its low prices but also because it's walking distance to many of the new distances that have set up shop the prices for a standard large double room start from seven thousand rubles a night that's around two hundred thirty dollars. also provides a range of d.v.d.'s books and magazines to businesses alongside the typical editions are free why five party must go sightseeing advice and support.
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every year you hotels in the russian capital five star as glamorous and wonderful as they are there always offer the best value for money moscow has also seen an increase in bed and breakfast accommodation and new tools as the calls but they do cater for the younger market for those wanting a general three star experience. struggle. did the middle of the range in large soviet hotels located out of the city center now have serious competition to our next hotel now just one hundred meters from can go towards metro station and the church of saints this hotel of the same name as a central location in the russian capital there are several shops restaurants and bars close to the kids i go to area our main advantage i think it's a good crisis go sell out get have. to leave more historical buy the mosque or. life nice price.
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this hotel here has forty six rooms of various sizes and prices with its close proximity to red square i think it often is for the best locations for three star standard well this room is a nonsmoking split level suite that can accommodate up to four people the price seven thousand rubles roughly around two hundred dollars amazing value for the city center this hotel may not be fancy but the staff speak english it has a friendly atmosphere and more importantly it's clean comfortable and safe because there's always time in this hotel when visiting there like it's conveniently cation it's very close to metro station i also appreciate the friendly and in terms of stuff here. where she's faced some winter has helped moscow sea off an invading army or two over the years but in the twenty first century it's more likely to be
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cripplingly high price. there are no visitors to the city as well as the most expensive dissolutions in the world and accommodation produce a constant issue for thousands of travelers every week. when looking for accommodation anywhere in the world research is the key location facilities design very formally a lot to think of but a little time and effort and you can now find what you want. because we know hotel here is a great example just because you pay less doesn't mean you always have to do without certain standards and to discuss the topic of middle range accommodation. let's meet this week's cast you know it was lovely to have heard. about well i think it was a clever move from my dad who started the first here in moscow about fourteen years ago so it was probably a way to get me interested in the business and now of course it's a huge responsibility to have my name on the signs you have yes we have to transfer
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must have a great scam and one here are grushka now accommodation it is a little bit of a problem as it well the hotels in moscow as you probably know they're all very different we have a lot of five star hotels and we have quite a few all soviet style travels and there's really a niche that we feel that is not well not filter that really a lot of the bedrock that's really upset actually and we feel that there is a big demand and that's exactly where we are working well tell me about your hotel well i think that we try our the essence of what i tried to deliver is a convenience state so we would never charge for breakfast for example we would never charge you for internet for why we have it all through the hotels in our great is very fast the hotels are there i know and it's like water isn't it so that's really important and we included that in. three years ago and always
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included in the raids and what we have done is also maybe. a very convenient name for business travelers but also for tourists is that we have included a mini bar in the rate and we have set we have seen statistics over the years where people take from it and it's usually water a little snack you know even if you're working with a coming home late just want something small it ready to order room service and way for half an hour they need something that something small for us is actually costs more to handle that kind of the sales of it just as soon food it's always included in the rate so yeah very good so. why don't we hate monger says and it was sad to say that we are three plus that you know it's hard to say what is a three star what is forced out of our service i would say it's five star ship but then maybe we don't have that you know twenty five meter swimming pool that would
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look for a pizza. or record your car thank you very much moving on and what other two or three star hotels are worth taking note of the hotel car crossed board is located in an old building in the historical area of downtown moscow constructed in the nineteenth century this house was a part of a noble's family mansion of course current interiors of the many hotels are nothing like the luxurious decorations of the old house but all rooms are equipped with new furniture and facilities such as air conditioning and t.v. crossed lord of his rooms of various categories from twin standard rooms worth four thousand rubles around one hundred thirty dollars a night cheap economy rooms and even hostel dorms. the maksim hotel in the north of the city is a three plus star business hotel with ninety six rooms aiming to combine european companies with russian hospitality it offers not only standard accommodation but
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also. several design a ruse named pistachio is an orange you'll even find if you can use the right in the center of the room. in front of me. from the. likes of. it's a very very warm most not so big. or to say cool so the people. in the west of moscow approximately half an hour's drive from red square there's a large hotel called a mini of providing over two hundred rooms accommodation costs around one hundred dollars a night it'll be twelfth hotels under the segments of three stats and it's also hotel i mean a scale is opened in april this year the hotel is not close to the city center but there is a free of charge shuttle bus from a nearest metro station. if you prefer to stay closer to the action of the city
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center hotel come again might be a choice for you as it's located five minutes walk to the kremlin just off a central street. designed in a minimalist style or thirty five rooms in this mini hotel but you will have to pay more for the hotel's convenient location single standard rooms here cost two hundred dollars loss but by no means least we travel to the northeast area of the city located next to be out of the river and the metro elaters of all star final location is acquainted only three star hotel in comparison to a large hotel chains hotel forty five here office excellent service a comfortable location a living conditions of security and standards recently renovated the rooms are bright and contemporary there's a real family feel about this hotel no surprise that there are only seven rooms you get more of a personal service and the hotel industry i think has finally worked up to the fact that it's in desperate need of accommodation. surely the issue is getting rectified
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three star accommodation for worldwide travelers business is on the country's spine middle class modern facilities the wife or i soundproofed rooms and a large library of books on offer very special breakfasts a person in the hotel forty five snack bar yes but also free to use the chef kitchen during their stay. this is a very great. family home and when i come. here as most develops changes will constantly in the many areas of its everyday life where the hotels restaurants or close shops growth and development brings why the choice and more competition russia's capital can be daunting be pricey to budget travel is yes but now you have seen for yourselves hotels and price tags you will do sleep over until you go shopping that is. so
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some great choices for you that see this in capital doesn't have to be so expensive after all. but unfortunately that's all the time we have left on this week's program on two and three star hotels here in moscow how see you again at the same time next week and so then for me and the rest of the crew from hotel forty five here from. monterey. historic old. friendly. dynamic. for a. month. leeches
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and discover it's music. the communicate with the why don't. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you on all the. close up seen as good for the pensacola beach or for technological breakthroughs say humanoid. no archie goes to the sea. world usually ways to protect nature rocks. where farming pioneers place local cuisine to the highest pitch. to where future developments depend on
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the great. russia's black sea coast should close up on the heart. of. the top stories the greek prime minister survived a confidence vote in parliament off for a week of bribery affable shopping he would send markets and said it was the p.m.'s now all the talks are for the temporary governing coalition of the opposition's demanding immediate elections of. us police wired with handcuffs and bathrooms and tear gas to put out the anti corporate occupied movement but activists a very determined to stand their ground against the old. political ads and holdings are appearing all across russia the campaign kicks off in six of the countries and i was a part of the seven major parties will be competing in the simple fourth election. that's about a sport. welcome
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source of a great to have you with us in the shuffle was. level pegging rusher of the czech republic one rubber apiece in singles of a cup final tie in moscow. but overall samuel eto is grace help sunday to come from behind and be clear to be a free one in the russian premier league. i'm easy doesn't moto g.p. champion cases stone seals of recall the coming twelve following season ending valencia drop three. stopper tennison rusher in the czech republic level one rubber peaceful in the opening singles fed cup final in moscow there's no need of a republic hold on the least cheap easily overcame russia's many a killer limca who was a late replacement for one of the over straight sets on the cheese has been
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brilliant form this year was really troubled should read the six two six two win charts an hour and ten minutes into the said. the key to victory. in the beginning was a surprise for sure because. mays lyman didn't play well and. some mistakes so i said it wasn't even the games. i was marco unfit for embracing lie in play again my game was there given sort of fed cup has its own specific atmosphere it's hard to compare it even to a grand slam tournament so i'm glad to be back with the team. is on top of her form and she played really well today i try to do my best to win tonight but you know. upwards for one because it's over are under a lot of pressure as a side. russians have launched schweppes our own and. us saw it in
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straight sets of boys will wind up with some petersburg native. to the pressure and . i was under high pressure as could be to all won the opening match that could bother and probably break my game six or seven years ago but now i'm more experienced and that help me to motivate myself in order to get an important later today. the lady carpenter position as head coach a sponsor at moscow could be on the freights after his side could only manage a one one draw with local rivals the namo talking head said despite regular season and how well following this result the red and whites only finish a surprise full could have been even worse just because couldn't cry out for the nominee front or even to be restored parity and fifty seven minutes minutes. managed to get the trio when it turns f.c. cost about. earlier rock bottom tom three one one
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taking the eighteen minutes. the montes had. however in the sixty fifth minute there was a mentor this moment the top story of storing the siberian slides first goal nineteen hours of football first thirteen games want to strike it was thomas chances of recording their first victory since july giving a major boost to the whole story to ten men. but it was russell of who would have the house. was one course each breaking from hanson stoppage time but had a home side all three points. meanwhile big spending and. second win in seven games are pretty comfortable free one victory and scurrilous appear out of however the hosts had to come from behind and on but i'll be all of us in our elite minutes out of the time break and what a stunning strike it was an excellent goal there. and you are well level with just
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a minute later. called getting to the by line going cross is my summer school with a minimum of fuss but. this is a full moon is the home side wins in front of called once again the provider for your back yard of maple in front of the small plants ahead. g.c.l. the points two minutes later the prudent. in this county in a straight red card it's all make no mistake. about the seventh goal of the season . thank. you all in the english premier league newcastle continue the excellent start of the season of the two one win over a certain robin van persie was once again in the goals as are someone for a no against west brom. they held for goldstraw against one seeing the start of life right back at the last part knowledge were unable to claim a point against aston villa chelsea one of the road. against bama.
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and well real madrid striker cristiana rinaldo picked up the european golden boot award for forty goals in spain's legal last season was not more than any other player in europe's top leagues are now collecting a trophy for the second time in his career. but i'm going to speak in portuguese because i'm portuguese and this is in the world through old portuguese people i want to say thanks to everyone who's here. because i want to share this world with all my teammates and coaches staff with all real madrid fans the president and his team all my family my mother my brothers my son and my girlfriend the old lady caught in everything i've achieved this year. so once again russian crews waved in the liberty of has been america's former war champion james toney to claim the interim w.p.a.
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ties or a thirty year old warmonger unanimous points decision in moscow only blamed his defeat on a knee injury picked up in the early rounds and to be fair he was walking usually into the press conference following the fights injury apparently happening in the second round when live was tony on to the roads he held on and survived a barrel of punches in the ninth to make sure he didn't suffer his first knockout of his career this was a set of the piece turning into fights believe that if a man has a record of twenty three wins and one defeat this is second big name scout with six months at the bottom really jones jr in may. but who. knows the. culture. he was. only there's. a neighborhood theory knocking him down wasn't
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a goal because i knew who were standing in front of me and then this to the police man i had eighty fights and no one came out to play i don't consider myself a terminator capable of looking anyone but with a little work his tone is not taking his foot off the gas just like clinching the moto g.p. title in his native australia last month but on the ride on has claimed a record equaling twelve pole of the season at this ending year to race in the lens here have topped the time sheets in through the three banks ascensions was equally dominant the implication spain. was under one minute and thirty two seconds more than a second faster that is to make the draw american cities small complete the front row of the grid. could also be happy about the country doing as record of troll pole positions in one season but he says. and it was really difficult to understand how much the push because seen on a t.v.
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indian mission was so bad so at the end there we just put a new software on and i would hide from which we got a bit more stability out of and just try to go for it you know i didn't really want to push too hard because you know what conditions were bad and i made sure my ties are warm and you know the black were great around there so i think we can still get quite a bit faster i think if everyone had a completely dry session. i mean same time there was no fairy tale come back to the fall for me in for it's not a live picture i've been failing to make the final of the second event i just want to walk up meeting in singapore twenty nine year old australian was only third in the one hundred meter butterfly he's short for storm and somehow for his child low gloss of intially taking gold with an issue with my top gongs two days before could manage seventh place one hundred metres made early on friday it was his first competitive outing in five years. called wide for mixing with the london olympics
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and plans to use another two world cup makes the pair for national trials in four months time. but to go from frederic of sin has a two shot lead going into the final round of the w.b.c. ages p.c. champions events in shanghai because and starting today is the night leader of the carts he was quick to extend his lead free birdies the first four holes or so we dropped a shot at my own recovered car free for the birdies including this one fourteen. sixty seven for your concern and sixteen going to get a huge win at the chasing point is closing in who is also remains to shots back for a solo drive sixty eight. but the biggest member of the day was three tournament favorite rory mcilroy northern irishman moving up thirteen places at the leaderboard following an excellent round a city wide consultant will shortz. and
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finally caddie is steve williams apologize for an alleged racist comment he made about his former boss tiger woods williams made the surgery at the in other counties in shanghai there the new zealander was given a walk on water celebration after winning bridgestone invitational with adam scott now that was a spurs victory since being fired by woods in july securing thirteen major titles the former world number one the american go for was an invitational event in australia that declined to give any comments however his agent not steinberg said williams rant was sad but there. i want to say what is coming up next and i'll be here with news headlines. will. remind you the latest in science and technology from around the world.
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we've got the future coverage.
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wealthy british style. sometimes. market finance come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into khan's report on r.t. in indonesia oh she's available in hotels coming dollar results in sponsor my who could result in spawn pony come a come down upon the motive in turn bones sentry and the resultant spawn son joby choto the wisdom result use of doing club med bunny sofitel some in your own aston resort and spa the risk some hotel ground many as you call the hotel.


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